The 4th Dimension

WXYZ creates sculpture for the body, inspired by science, art and math. Using our unique modular system, we build these structures through fractal repetition & sacred geometry. We focus on designing expressive accessories that communicate your inner power to the outside world. WXYZ fuses the rigorous and the playful, sparking interaction, conversation & magic.

Founder and Designer

After first soldering silver at the age of 13, Laura Wass was hooked and continued learning traditional Silver and Goldsmithing, going on to work in the fashion jewelry industry for cult favorite brands Philip Crangi / Giles & Brother, and then Metal Dynamics, a leading luxury brand manufacturer of jewelry, handbag hardware, and perfume bottles. After these fundamental experiences in the industry, Wass launched WXYZ in 2012.

Made in NYC and the USA

Our studio is based in Brooklyn, in an old industrial wood factory, where we design, hand-make and weave all of our creations. We work with sustainable materials and innovative production techniques, with a focus on industrial design and manufacturing techniques. We also partner with local craftspeople and industrial factories to create the custom components used in our designs. To visit our studio and see the action, email us at, and subscribe to our mailing list for our next studio party.

Muses and Makers

WXYZ is woven by designer Kim Julien, who has been with WXYZ since 2014. Kim’s design prowess has developed from her hands on approach to mapping the form of the body in 3D space. Her favorite pieces to design are at the scale of the body, translating garments into sculpture. In her spare time, Kim enjoys comedy, photography and interior design.